Monday, January 25, 2010

It's about the Children.

Woke up this morning to a beautiful day in Manzini, Swaziland. We all had an early breakfast and sat down for our daily devotions. Plagues and our Lord’s suffering. Both stories of defeat redeemed by God’s victorious desire (Exodus 6-8, Luke 23).

Our prayer this morning was that we might really see what God sees in the children we will be meeting. The two Care Points we were to visit are primarily serving orphans who have lost both parents to AIDS. HIV-AIDS is pandemic in Swaziland infecting over half of the adult population. Very sad.

We took off from the hotel and headed southeast to Big Bend. The Care Point was some 10 kilometers out of town in an area surrounded by sugar cane. Pastor Temba established this Care Point to minister to 150+ children. Let me tell you it was smoking hot … both in temp and compassion.

The children were so beautiful and friendly. We spent quite some time playing and hanging out with them. One of the highlights was a young blind boy who zeroed in on Ron’s singing. He came and sat right next to him to listen. What an amazing scene to watch him listening to Ron and to see Ron and Ann Marie reach over to pray for him. So much prayer needed everywhere we look. We have some amazing video of Ron helping him throw a football to a hilarious group of children. They were all laughing and running and clapping. It was sad to leave them but we had a long drive to the next Care Point.

Care Point number two was one of Care Points that ‘feed under a tree’. No buildings, no play area, no electricity and no water. They carry the water from a stream over two kilometers away. Two amazing saints of God feed 80+ children at this developing Care Point. What beautiful women that love Jesus and orphans. They all sang us a song in SaSwati. The words were something close to:

We are your children Jesus

And we can do nothing with your intervention

We are in need of you everyday

It is so true that everyone needs the intervening hand of Jesus. No one person any more than another … though the need here is startling. The Go-Go’s (grandmother in SaSwati) and children sang and prayed before their only meal of the day. After giving thanks they lined the children up under the trees and feed them out of a big black pot suspended over a wood fire.

There are so many stories we could tell but our day is coming to a close. When we return we will share the pictures and videos we are shooting. Four videos today of the children playing catch and singing – about 1200 photos of beautiful smiling faces. Ha, I guess if you aren’t traveling with us that last statement sounds like a bad evening at Uncle Bennie’s and Aunt Gertie’s house watching movies of their vacation to Iowa … well, maybe a bit better.

Good night friends in the America!


  1. Thanks for the update. Sounds like a long day, but very good! Look forward to seeing the pics. Bless you!

  2. The people and children you are meeting sound amazing. I can't wait to see the pics and videos. I love how the love of Jesus is worldwide, and I am excited to hear how we can help the orphans in Swaziland.


  3. God bless you. Praying and thinking of you all. Amazing how we go to help them and yet we gain the most. God is good.


  4. Coninuing to pray for God's protection as you do this important work. With all the need I'm sure it will be achallenge to hear His direction but He chose the right, annointed,group.