Monday, January 4, 2010

El Salvador Team - January 2010

We're ready for our next journey to the people of El Salvador.

This year we have a new team going, so let's introduce them:

  • Brian Wong - This is his 2nd time on the trip.
  • Charles Balan - Just a friendly guy helping out with the Spanish.
  • Stacy Boxell - Works with Latinos locally and her 1st time in El Salvador.
  • Greg Lewis - We're hoping that he'll bring his culinary skills with him to El Salvador.
  • Arianna Lewis - She's expanding her vision of the world at the tender age of 13.
  • Jackie Tyner - Her 2nd trip to El Salvador and she's loving it.
  • Mike Tyner - His 2nd trip to El Salvador as well.
  • Curtis Smith -1st time bringing his wisdom to El Salvador.
  • Sheila Smith -She's stretching her faith on this 1st time to El Salvador.
  • John Wahba - 1st time to El Salvador and ready to rock the country.

Please keep us all in your prayers. We'll be serving Hannah's Hands and the people of El Salvador. Pray for our travel and our entry into El Salvador. Recent events have shown that it is becoming more difficult to enter into the country to serve the people there with our medical expertise.

How to pray for the team:
  1. Effortless travel through customs and immigration lines and safety on all vehicles upon which we travel.
  2. Protection from accidents, crime, natural and man-made disasters.
  3. Protection from sickness and disease.
  4. That the team will demonstrate humility, boldness, patience, and love for each other and the local people.
  5. That God would be glorified through them.
Stay tuned to this space to follow us as we go to work in the places God is moving.

Your 2010 El Salvador Team

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