Thursday, January 22, 2009

"Tome dos tabletas antes a dormir o si necisita..." (Wednesday, January 21st)

Sometimes the medical treatment of patients can only go so far, but prayer and love can go a lot further…

Our team split up today in the morning to make the most efficient use of our short time here. Dr. Tyner, Christina, Teri and Michael W. were able to go to the National El Salvador Hospital. If you can imagine what a hospital looked like in 1935, this would b it. We’ll spare you most of the details, but a great example is that in the entire hospital there is only 1 cardiac monitor. To put that into perspective, a hospital back home has roughly 1 cardiac monitor for every two beds. After the initial shock of the conditions, the team made rounds and toured the children’s pediatric unit. Some of the most impressionable moments were seeing the very young children with gun shot wounds and the burn unit. They were also able to deliver gifts to the children. Most of these gifts were supposed to be given to the children at Christmas Time, but for some reason this was not done. After the hospital, Dr. Tyner, Christina, Teri and Michael W. headed back to the orphanage. Dr. Tyner performed a minor shoulder surgery, and the team was able to pass out some brand new tennis shoes. Between the hospital gifts and the shoes, praise God that we were able to help bring this joy!

On the other side of town, Iglesia Christina Monte Calvario is tucked away off busy San Salvador streets located halfway up a steep hill. When we arrived, there were already 30 people patiently waiting in the courtyard. The medical team had been a little concerned due to the fact that we were would not be at full strength in the clinic. However, our God is a God of answered prayers and solving problems! We received word at the last minute that most of the children would be arriving in the afternoon. This gave our children’s ministry team a chance to serve in the clinic. Lorraine, Adam, Jackie and Lisa saw patients, with Charles translating. Donna, Mike K and Nick worked in the pharmacy along with our translator Alex. Brian (after building some fantastic shelves at Lorraine’s house) had a chance interact with all the patients waiting to be served while Francisco got all their information. Timmy spent his time ministering to the few children who where there with balloon animals and infectious smiles and laughter. Pastor Jon was able to dialogue with the Pastor of Monte Calvario, as well as spend time praying around the church grounds.

We wish we had time to tell you each and every tear-jerking as well as joyous stories we encountered today. Of course, there were a few funny stories as well. Lisa shared with us that one father was concerned that his little boy would eat nothing but frijoles y queso (beans and cheese). He was baffled and had no idea what the problem was, and being a single father he had no other help. Was it medical? Was something wrong with him? After a few minutes of questioning, Lisa figured out the dreaded diagnosis…this chico just REALLY liked frijoles y queso and was being stubborn and almost starving himself unless he got it! While Lisa had a nice chuckle, she was also able to give parental advice to this father on how to help his son get through this typical childhood action.

Out of the 75 patients we saw today, at least 5 had to go to the hospital immediately. Some of the diagnosis’s included; hypertensive crisis, asthmatic crisis, pneumonia, tonsillitis, and loss of vision. One lady who came for care had not been to see a doctor in 7 years and was in desperate need of a visit to the hospital.

When patients are being accessed, it gives us a great time to evangelize. Charles, Adam and Francisco took this calling to another level. They would pray with each patient before they went to the Pharmacy. One woman had cataracts, glaucoma, no glasses and no money. After several minutes of prayer asking for God’s blessing, the woman was in tears and told them that she felt that the Lord was going to bless her in many ways! This happened as well for a woman who asked for reconciliation with her estranged husband. All in all, many lives were changed today!

We stayed at the church for their Wednesday night service, and many of the patients came back to worship. The Pastor was very excited we were there, and offered up some inspiring opening words. Jahaziel led worship, and Nick took a leap of faith and hopped behind the drum set at the request of Lorraine and Jahaziel. While Nick won’t be on a worship team at Hope Chapel in the near future, it was pretty neat to see what the Holy Spirit can do for a first timer. Pastor Jon then gave a powerful message spoken from the Book of Matthew. (Matthew 16:13-18). His sincere and inspiring words blessed the congregation, and he thanked the church body for showing the love of Jesus in their community by offering clinics and doing outreaches. Pastor Jon also depicted the power and uniqueness of our Lord, and reiterated how He alone is the only way for salvation. After the message, we were able to pray over the Pastors of the church and that they will continue to receive bountiful blessings.

Tomorrow, Dr. Tyner, Teri and Christina will head to the hospital to perform an umbilical hernia surgery on a five year old girl, as well as a gall bladder surgery on an 11 year old girl (at the request of the US Embassy) The rest of us will venture to a primitive village located relatively close to the Pacific Ocean. It is roughly 1 ½ hours away from the mission base, and only accessible by a cow path that has been designated as a road. We are told that the weather might be a scorcher, but should be able to refresh with the coconuts from the trees surrounding the village :) After the clinic and children’s ministry, we will then adventure to the beach for an evening cookout!



  1. Hi this is Karin, good luck today. I'll be praying for The Team, that the kids' surgeries go well, and that your words reach the people and children at the clinic and ministry through the Lord.

  2. Another inspiring day of goodwill and outreach. I will continue to pray for each of you as God is doing amazing things through you. I pray for Dr. Tyner and the entire medical team. Sharing your precious gifts to these precious children. I will pray for the rest of you as you lovingly make your way to the village down a long hot path. And being blessed all along as you share His blessing with others.
    Hugs & Kisses Jackie & Michael! Shelly