Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Disaster Relief - Alabama

The cross above this wall was not built by the survivors. It was part of the rafters that fell against the wall and kept the roof from falling on them. They had to push it into that position to get out.

Hope Chapel and Foursquare USA has sent one of our own, Joe Ellen, as a Foursquare Crisis Chaplain. Joe has been busy in Alabama ministering to folks who survived the tornado. We'll be posting some of his thoughts and photos while he's working in the fields.


Today was my first chance to get out and talk to people. Unbelievable people, unbelievable stories. Talked to a man about some grandparents holding their 4 grandkids to protect them from the roof falling on them. By the time they were found both grandparents were dead but all 4 children were unharmed. They had to pry the grandmothers arms off 2 of the kids.

Best of all is Shotgun Annie. She lived in an old house across the road from an upscale subdivision. No one would have anything to do with her. After the storm and all the survivers left, Annie put a chair in front of her property and guarded the entire neighborhood. Even up to having 2 looters arrested. She salvaged all the neighbors homes and put the things in separate plastic tubs for them. Now she is a hero and brought the entire neighborhood together.

- Joe

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