Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Home Stretch!

We drove out to Area 5, a relocated village on the outskirts of Tete City. The small church that meets here is on fire for God though it gathers for worship in a cardboard box… literally. The pastors are very young and they are eager for this new season of the village to be a new season in the growth of the church as well!

Our first outreach was in the afternoon attended by many children and mothers. After the dancing and praise, Bill spoke a testimony calling the people to come to know Jesus. Many came forward and gave their lives to God and the church probably tripled in number just from that one service. One woman showed up to give a testimony with her baby. Last time the Wheresoever team was here, they prayed for this baby who had been diagnosed HIV+. The mother came and testified that the baby is now testing negative for HIV! God is indeed good!

Just before the 2nd outreach began, a dust-storm blew in to the village with high winds and swirling clouds that made the sunset through the baobab trees turn hazy. The crowd that had gathered dwindled to about half of the previous outreach that day. Charles shared a parable about seeking the One True God Who Loves and several ladies came forward to receive Jesus afterwards. Once the ministry time was finished, folks scattered due to the increasing dust flying around the ground.

We slept well, having found a guesthouse with air conditioning. We hadn’t had any A/C available in any of the cars or any of the accommodations, but we enjoyed the comfort and luxury of a good night’s sleep. The white noise of the A/C also had the added benefit of covering the noisy highway sounds through the night.

We spent Tuesday morning getting supplies in downtown Tete. After picking up a soldering iron and a thermos, we joined the rest of the team on the road to Mamese village #2. We stopped briefly to pick up our luggage and began the 2 hour journey towards Mamese village. We had to stop for fuel on the way, so we took advantage of a local gas “station.” Unfortunately, there were no clean restrooms nor cold drinks available.

We got to Mamese village but didn’t find the other part of our team there. After checking throughout the village, we determined that due to the risk of the car failing on the way back to the base at Vila Ulongue, we would head on and leave the team to do the outreach Wheresoever they might be!

The drive back was through beautiful African savannah. We were blessed by a beautiful sunset over the mountains. The setting sun seemed to be our closing sign that we have come to the end of our Mozambiquan adventure. We have had obstacles and setbacks, but we realize that God is moving in Mozambique and His enemy doesn’t like it. But no matter what the devil has to say about it, Jesus is Lord over Mozambique!

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