Wednesday, March 10, 2010

For God's Glory

What a great day! We went to an orphanage again today. At the orphanage we worked with the children with special needs and the babies that we spent time with Monday. When we arrived, we split into two groups and the group I was in went to help with the baths for the children with special needs, but their baths were already completed. So, we went out to their shelter outside in the courtyard. Robert Gray, the PE/Physical Therapist was there again today. We were able to play with the children using his equipment that he has built over the years. The children played with the balls hanging from the roof. Several of the children could use their arms, so we put them near the balls and played with them and let them play by themselves a little while we worked with some of the other children. Robert had built “benches” on wheels, so a couple of the children got to be strapped to the wheel-boards to try to push themselves around. It was so fun to watch their faces as they played with these “toys!” (Robert has been coming from the US and working with special needs children for three months each year for several years. He complimented Lorraine and told her that this team has done more with these children in two days than any team has done in the entire time he’s been coming. All praise goes to the Lord who enabled us to work well with these children!)

After a couple of hours, it was time for the children to eat lunch. We helped the workers feed them. Some had bottles of pureed food, some ate whole foods, and some ate soupy foods. It was messy! We were able to use extra shirts as bibs today, so the children stayed pretty clean and dry throughout the process.

After our quick lunch, we were able to go play with the babies. This is my absolute favorite part! We were able to carry them around, change their diapers, change their clothes, sing little songs to them, and play Patty-Cake with them. Wish you could have seen the babies faces light up. The one or two workers that take care of them don’t have time to feed them by holding them and rocking them; we did. What a blessing! Nothing compares with cuddling a little tiny baby and rocking them.

This evening, after eating a pork roast dinner prepared by Chef Greg, we will be working on the drama that Laura Kuhns and Megan Creed put together and practicing songs in Spanish for tomorrow’s undertaking. Thank you, Lord, for allowing us to do all this for Your Glory.
Thank you for all your prayers!


  1. wow. so rewarding and heart-breaking at the same time.

  2. Hello, team. I just read each of your entries, and I feel joyous and heartbroken all at once. I join you in praying that each of these children will know in their hearts how much God loves them and how precious and beautiful they are to him. Thank you for hoping instead of despairing and for being the light of Christ to these amazing children. Christ has no hands but yours and no feet but yours. I know you will be forever changed, and I thank you for sharing your journey with us.

    Paula Applegate

  3. We have loved keeping up with you this week through your blog. Thank you for sharing!
    We KNOW God has been glorified in all the many ways you have given of yourselves to these children. Praise God for all of your love and efforts. We will continue to pray for Lorraine's work there.
    ~Susan Creed